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What development stage is NoteMaster currently in?

NoteMaster is currently in Beta stage. This means it has already undergone testing and is now quite stable, although it is considered a version for testing purposes and probably still contains minor bugs.

To report bugs you may encounter, please use the "Bug Report" command on the Help menu.

Do I have to be afraid of data loss when using NoteMaster?

No, even if NoteMaster crashes your data is safe in most cases. In order to be able to restore all open documents after a crash, you should enable the "Automatic Recovery" option, which saves all open data every minute and provides you with a "Restore" dialogue after NoteMaster crashed and you restarted it.

Are more features to come before the final version?

Most likely, the Beta version is not yet feature complete.

How can I contribute to NoteMaster?

To spread NoteMaster, you can help. For instance, you could translate NoteMaster's user interface or the documentation into another language, or you could create new syntax schemes for programming languages you are familiar with, and then share your work with others.

More information about the extending possibilities of NoteMaster can be found in NoteMaster's help.

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